Every time you use the toilet, use water from the sink, cook on the stove, turn on the air conditioner on a hot summer day, take food out of the refrigerator and enjoy it, these are the benefits that men enjoy. he brings to you, who is also the one who effectively transforms sexual energy.

Overindulgence in sex is a one-way ticket to the crushing defeat of a veiled village in a stagnant town. Wise people know this, fools don’t and that’s why the lower classes behave like animals.

Use your sexual passion and sexual energy and focus it on your business and life plan. Sexual energy is almost limitless and when redirected, it can turn any man into a money machine.

Find a good woman who can take care of everything for you (not just sex) – this will free your mind so you don’t have to think about these things anymore and focus all your energy on your goals. in hand. A woman’s love and support is an essential condition for your success – Most successful men always have a standard woman as their support.

Sexual energy is the best fuel that has ever existed – use it wisely. Save it and watch your energy explode.

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